Some interesting facts and figures to entertain both Republicans and Democrats and anyone in between.

A Presidential Inauguration is an important event for America.

A demonstration of democracy in action to the rest of the world.

With that in mind, here are a few interesting facts to impress friends or family about presidential inaugurations.


How many dollars it cost to buy a ticket to the first inaugural ball.

The year was 1809, and James and Dolley Madison were the newly elected first couple that people partied with to celebrate their election to the Oval Office.


To celebrate the inauguration in 1857, a new piece of technology was used to capture James Buchanan’s swearing-in as president.

Brands have a very tricky time trying to navigate a deeply divided political landscape in America

A deeply divided citizenry isn’t just a challenge for elected leaders who must do their best to govern. It’s also a challenge for marketing professionals who have to figure out a way to promote brands to a diverse group of consumers.

For example, depending on your niche, your brand’s products or services may be geared toward consumers who span the political spectrum. Therefore, you don’t want your ads to target one political group while offending another, because it could lose you a lot of customers.

Here are some ways that brand messaging can navigate a tricky political landscape in the…

Find the right experts and build something great

Over the last decade, the internet has transformed. It’s grown into a living and breathing platform. That platform has been used for a wide range of different industries and approaches. One of the biggest things that has emerged is professional self-help pursuits.

You can find business advice from a CEO in a tweet, you can get writing tips from a podcast, you can seek long-form advice from reputable blogging platforms, or even high-level celebrities blogging on the side. It’s quite something, isn’t it? …

The fact that we have to debate whether or not racism still exists is proof that it does

It’s no longer enough for white people to simply say they’re not racist, we have to be actively anti-racist. That’s the aspect of this that many white people overlook in their rush to be defensive about how they are not racist. Maybe you aren’t, but it’s time to confront racism in America. A problem that’s been baked into the foundation of the country.

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of talking about racism for white people is the two-way street that conversation is. It’s easy to talk, it’s not as easy to listen. That’s where we start to trip up. We…

People always assume that being a travel writer is a dream job

People always assume that being a travel writer is a dream job, but that isn’t the case. Well, if truth be told, it’s pretty close. My partner writes too, mainly fiction. She loves to travel too, so most of our trips are done together. Just to give you an idea, here is a week in my life…


Morning — I am feeling ravenous after taking three flights from London and arriving in Guadalajara, Mexico late last night. We treat ourselves to a buffet breakfast at the hotel. It hits the spot and I hit the streets. I am working on…

You will never know until you go

My passion in life has always been travel. The problem is that when you have a passion, it has to be funded. For many years, I was in a ‘get a job, work, give up job, travel and start again’ cycle. Every time I returned from a trip, I had to secure myself a job and find somewhere to live. Much as I love to travel, I dreaded having to return and start all over again.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, that I decided to have a crack at travel writing. I’ve never looked back. Sure, it…

The thing the church needs most today is the ability to heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful

Since his election to the papacy in 2013, Pope Francis has been hailed from both within and without the Roman Catholic Church as a forward-looking visionary in the midst of a still-stodgy ecclesial bureaucracy.

His apparent openness to same-sex attracted individuals in the Church, as well as his undeniable concern for the poor and marginalized, seemed to indicate a clear way ahead for a Church that seemed for too long to be embroiled in culture war issues.

Yet the energy and excitement that filled the hearts of many progressive Catholics seems to have somewhat faded. Francis has stood firm on…

“There’s nothing more dangerous than a true believer on his own crazy mission.” — Brad Meltzer

As much as it might seem like ancient history, it wasn’t so long ago when crackpot rants about the alien spacecraft tests were relegated to fringe magazines and self-published books written by “experts” with no knowledge of the subject.

Conspiracy theories were treated as bizarre speculations with no connection to reality and were able to be suppressed because the way most people received their information about the world was so monopolized.

There was no Internet to propagate your ideas and find people who agreed with you. Even if you did believe that the CIA had orchestrated the assassination of John…

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